Veterans Day

This photo spoke to me as I was thinking about Veterans Day…


The label Veteran’s Day originally was know as Armistice Day introduced at the close of WWI as a day dedicated to the cause of world peace. Honoring those that had lost their lives during WWI.  In 1954 the name changed to Veteran’s Day that remains today. By this time we had pasted through WWI, meant to be the war to end all wars. Through WWII the second war to end all war. And the Korean War. Thus now honoring ALL veterans living and dead… If I might all as a personal note. TO ADD AN EXTRA HONOR THE VETS THAT RETURNED IN A PINE BOX. Why you may ask? Simple they gave the ultimate sacrifice THEIR LIVES…

Do me a favor today. Send up a prayer, a positive thought , or whatever your belief system allows for all those soldiers around the world. Now here is where I lose your attention. Or piss you off. When I said all soldiers I meant all soldiers on All sides. Why you ask. That is borderline treasonous. If you allow me to explain.

War is not a manifestation of the masses but a created creature of a handful in high places.  Convincing the masses  through propaganda to believe in their cause.  The common soldier on any side are humans, with families, with a form of patriotism, I need to believe in their governments as truth. And if the truth would be told ALL those common soldiers on ALL sides are scared as hell. Thrown into a situation where they must kill or be killed. BOTTOM LINE survival. War is nothing nice. Human life is lost and the families left behind morn the dead. NOT just here in America with Americans BUT  humans all over the world…

Praying for PEACE… The time is now. Past now…

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