Walking  the path before me is dimly lit.

Troubled in my soul where is it going

Been down this road before times uncounted

Each time I see much more

Lost in a world of pain

Trying to pull me under

Testing me

Making me question my credibility

My self esteem

It is not a question of right or wrong

But of me being secure with me

Me doing what is right for me

To live the decree


What does this mean to ,me?

Quite simply in all that I do do it with a pure conscience.

Believe in what I do

Do what I believe.

In your weakness you can find strength

Can I be what others want?

A Cat’s Love


Cat Love like dog Love


Unlike people Love


Animals are glad to see you

Folks are just glad to see what you have for them

Animals wait for you at the door

People too busy to even call

Animals love you in good times and bad

In good times people love you

In bad you can’t even find a friend

I know I sound a bit cynical, but I would challenge anyone who could say they have never experienced someone like this in their life. This is a hard and sometimes painful bit of reality to have to endure. What brought this to mind for this post was not any recent occurrence. Last night as I got home from work it hit me. As usual my cat was sitting up in the windowsill waiting my return home. And before I could get my key in the door and turn the doorknob she was right by the door to greet me.

I was aware that she always is there every day. But last night hit me. She is always there wanting my attention. Even when I am in a shitty mood. Lord knows I’ve had a few of those lately. I sit down tired from the day she just wants to crawl up in my lap and be close to me.

Can I say I’ve grown closer to her than with people I know. Sad to say it’s true  Maybe it is time to attend to mending bridges instead of mending fences… Just a thought.. Anyway I will stop ranting for now anyway. You all have a nice day.nick

What about the children?


What about the children?  Age  five and six, they have no political affiliation, no strong religious ties. They are just small children trying to grow up and  make sense of this life. Following  their parent’s lead. Now add what is coming down in Syria and it is no wonder they are such a mess.  We see the reports on the news and say those poor things. Let’s not humor ourselves. We sit in the comfort of our safe homes. We have no idea as to what it is like to spend each  day in fear of being killed or watching loved ones being  tortured and murdered right in front of them. It is an every day reality. They can’t change the channel. We don’t have a clue…


Stuck what else can I say to describe my state of affairs. I hate to admit it but it is true. Looking back I used to be more of a free spirit. It seems over the years I have dug in deeper and deeper. Stuck.

To get out of the house is a challenge at time, but once I’m out and about I don’t want to go home. It’s like I am starving for something new to do. Sounds kind of funny. It’s the only way I can describe it. Stuck

The way I’m rolling these day if I wasn’t working I would be one of those f**ing old man recuse.. Yiles!  My truck break down and work circumstances has stalled out my travel plans. Stuck.

It has gone about far enough down. It’s time to look up, out, and forward. I have always manager to pull myself out of my slumps in the past. This is no different. It is time. Past time. I want to say I am unstuck.

Unstuck is my new confession. I like the way that sounds. Unstuck!nick

Memories are…

Memories are just what they are memories. Now stay with me for a minute or two. I’m not bringing  you any new idea here. Just giving it some more light. So read with me and tell me what you think.

No one can deny that we humans are social creatures..We live to meet and be with people. To be surrounded by our loved one,  family and friends alike is the fulfillment of life.

This is all well and good in a perfect world. We all know not everybody out there is nice. And everybody doesn’t fit in. We make choices for all the wrong reasons. Uncertainty is another factor that weighs heavy in this our temporary world. Friends come and go or pass away as do family. Leaving us with their memories…

Memories are just what they are memories. They are able to console or warn us.. Warning us of places not to go back to. While others are feel good memories of good times  and places been. It feels good to reminisce and smile.

One thing. Don’t become distracted by your feel good memories to where you ignore the present. Missing the opportunity to create new memories in real time.. Thank you for reading.nick